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Giving a lingot as a thank you

There's been a few times where someone helped me in the exercises, or posted something great in the forums.. and a "thx" just don't seem enough.

I'd like to give/donate/tip the person with a lingot in cases like those :)

October 7, 2013



I like this idea and we will do this :)


Sweet! Is there going to be a way we can show the number of lingots we have in our public user profiles?


I hope not. I don't want people flaunting their wealth, as it were.


I don't use Lingots for buying stuff from the store, because I don't really need any of it (except the double-or-nothing). So I would want to have the option to display what I have; otherwise, what's the point?


The problem that I have with flaunting lingots is that people can easily gain a lot of them by redoing easy things over and over. It's not like, say, the language tree trophies that you have to actually work hard at getting. So I see it as a useless sign of prestige.

I agree that lingots should be a lot more useful though. I hope we get Duo avatars eventually that we can spend lingots customizing.


In another discussion, he said that they wouldn't do that. I really want to show my lingots, though, so I think if we could choose whether to display our wealth that would be awesome.


I'd like to donate all mine to sitesurf, babella and lago massive help in my language learning ^^


This would be a great way to show appreciation. Even if the person doesn't care about lingots or doesn't need any, it still let's them know that there help is appreciated.


I agree, French section could never do without Sitesurf's valuable comments!


So true, so true.


That would be cool if you could do that.


Great idea this should be created


I like this idea, something similar to Reddit Gold. Maybe not exactly a lingot, as I don't think those are necessarily hard to get. But I like the idea.


Im giving a lingot to Mike_F for coming up with this great idea....


It is a nice gesture.


How do you even use the lingots?


look on the "store" tab on your home page


you're welcome :) I wish there were more ways to get them, though!


I wish there was more ways to spend them :P

  • Pay 10 lingot to have a personal sentence translated
  • Disable mouse over hints, and make them cost a lingot
  • 50 to get a doulingo pencil
  • Pay 500 lngots to get a dou shirt
  • ...


I have one.

  • 400 to get a duo plushie (they actually exist)


on mobile, it costs lingots to get a test to skip a level on a topic. I think they should addd this on the desktop site


This is a great idea.


How about timed practice competitions for users on the same language level? Awards given in skill/lingots? On another note, how about some super duper awesomer lingot rewards?


This is a great idea!


great idea! is there anybody that could help me… i don't really like spanish but my parents are making me do it. i wanted to take french. anybody out there with a little word of wisdom to help me get motivated???


Tell them that it's impossible to learn a language if you don't want to. You should take French on here!


that is a really good idea! thanks so much! i would give u a lingot but i dont have any


It's great to be able to give people lingots, but it would be even better if the recipient were notified of the gift ("Learner001 gave you a lingot for a post in DiscussionABC") Even better if the donor could also include a short note explaining the gift.

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