"El perro no deja de comer."

Translation:The dog does not stop eating.

December 28, 2012

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How would " the dog stops to eat" be translated?


I wonder the same thing..perhaps parar would be used in that way? Help would be greatly appreciated.


I thought it would be "The dog does not let you eat," at least that's what it seemed like from the hints.


The translation for your phrase is ·"El perro no te deja comer"


The dog doesn't let to eat – also a common situation... How do you say that?


The answer looks wrong to me. Where does the word stop come from, and I see the infinitive to eat not eatting? Can someone explain?


Dejar=Abandonar=to leave

Dejar + pronoum=permitir=to let

Dejar de=to stop

And the infinite it is difficult to explain for me. I know that we use many constructions with verb+infinitive and in English can be transalted sometimes "verb+infinitive" sometimes "verb+gerund".


Checking my dictionary it seems like "deja de" is used more often as an imperative/command. Would that be the most common?


The cosnstrution:

  • Stop eating: Deja de comer

is very usual, more than "para de comer", correct, but not very used.

The phrase of Duo is usual too but here we use the verb "parar" too:

  • El perro no para de comer

Both are used habitually.


Okay, so "Deja" means "stop", "Allow", "Let", and "leave"? How am I supposed to know from the context.. what if I wanted to say "The dog is not allowed to eat?

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