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"I did not sleep last night because I had a lot of homework."

Translation:Dün gece uyumadım çünkü çok ödevim vardı.

June 20, 2015



Can we say son gece instead of 'dün gece'?

I answered it this way and it was marked wrong.

Btw it's very bad that we don't have any feedback when reporting 'My answer should be accepted'. How can we know if we were right to report if we don't get any response? I've left a lot of comments in the discussions without any response here either... ;///


Hi Aldrost,
some time ago I asked in the general discussion board of 'Turkish from English' about the problem that I should appreciate answers here in the lesson discussions. Ektoraskan kindly answered me that he did his very best answering questions, and he was about to come back to Duolingo site again from time to time.

I also find it a pity not getting an answer as I am profiting absolutely a lot especially from the contributions in discussions. This may also be the expression of saying I really highly valuate the opportunity of learning (at least basics) of Turkish by Duolingo including contributions in discussions.

On the other hand we have to consider that any contribution to this course is made voluntarily and without any refund.

I guess you will know and acknowledge this and presumably you write here your questions as you will appreciate the answers.

I would like to encourage you not to give up learning Turkish and perhaps there is another site which could help you with your questions.
I had then been given a suggestion from another user for getting help concerning special questions which is https://www.reddit.com/r/turkishlearning/. Maybe this could help you.

I wish you success in learning and have fun,
(hope my ... English can be understood :-) )


Last night is actually the previous night or yesterday night. Son is like last in the queue, the race, to be told, etc. You could say it is yesterday's night. Therefore dün gece.


How does "geçen geçe" differ from "dün geçe"?


Geçen gece: Last night

Dün gece: Yesterday night


We are not talking about the very last night. We are talking about yesterday. If you say 'the last night' then geçen geçe would be appropriate, 'This is the last night we will be here'.


niye bir sürü kabul olunmuyor -_-

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