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June 20, 2015



Anybody know any etymology, or some other clues that could help stick the Irish months and seasons in my poor brain?

I remember Lúnasa as the month of the harvest moon (luna), and some months are similar enough to the English ones, but the others, and the seasons... What tips and tricks can the rest of you share?


That's a false etymology for Lúnasa it actually comes from an Old Irish word meaning 'Lug's Festival'. Nothing to do with the moon.

Meitheamh apparently comes from an Old Irish word meaning 'Middle of Summer'


Much appreciated!

What I need is sth to attach the names to. It doesn't matter if it's actually etymology or made up connections if it helps my memory. Etymology is more interesting of course! But the coincidence of luna and Lúnasa works.

Remembering Meitheamh as middle of summer is great. I can hinge my memory on that!

But all the others... Any memory aides are welcome! :-)


Anybody else hear Meithimh? (genitive form)


I hear a 'v' in the ending. Thought mh was a 'w' when broad?


The pronunciation of a broad mh (and a broad bh) can vary according to its location in a word and the particular dialect.


Thanks. I was clinging to that as something fixed in a raging sea of chaos. Will continue my search


How would you talk about a specific day in a month?

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