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After answering on microphone, Duolingo often freezes

For the past few days, I am repeatedly having this problem with Duolingo. This happens randomly after clicking on the green Check button for microphone answers - the spinning wheel goes on and on and the lesson does not progress. It starts fine and then suddenly during the lesson this would occur. The only way to continue with Duolingo at that point is to quit and lose the xps earned in that session, and start all over again with the same session. It is very frustrating. What can be done about it? Any suggestions? Thank you!

June 20, 2015



What browser are you using? Does this happen with all browsers you try? I recommend you try Chrome for sure, as the Chrome setup might be a little smoother for speaking exercises. Restarting is also a good idea--so many things end up getting fixed after a restart.

This will help you decide whether it's a browser issue or a computer install issue, or maybe even a connection issue. From there, we can try some fixes, like reinstalling Flash or resolving plugin conflicts.


Thank you for your suggestions. I had this problem on both Firefox and Safari. I also restarted the computer as you have suggested, but the problem persisted.
Now, I will try Chrome and hope it will solve the problem. Thank you once again!


Hm, that doesn't sound too promising. Do you have plugins or extensions (such as AdBlock) running in both Firefox and Safari? Can your system handle other resource-intensive internetting, such as Netflix or Hulu?

Fingers crossed that Chrome works.


Your suggestion seems to be working. Duolingo on Google Chrome did not cause this problem during my last two sessions. I hope this is a permanent solution; even though, in general, I have found Duolingo responses to be somewhat slower on Chrome than on other browsers.

I will also try your other suggestions like disabling plugins / extensions.

Thanks for your help.


Sure thing. Good luck!

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