"Will you go to Kyiv?"

Translation:Ви будете їхати у Київ?

June 20, 2015

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Growing up in Eastern Ukraine in the city of Kharkov, I was used to it being called Kharkov, but now it is Kharkiv (a Ukrainian version). I think the names of cities is a tricky thing (think of Cologne for Koehln in German or Munich for Munchen). However, I think the problem with this sentence is the verb. In Ukrainian (and in Russian) the verb prefixes are very important. So "Uyihaty" and "Yihaty" might be translated as go but they do not mean the same thing to the native speaker. If you mean that the person goes to Kyyiv for a visit, then it is "Yihaty" but if the person leaving his city and goes to Kyiv for a long time or moves there, then it is "uyiihaty". This is important.. I am still trying to recall how to use Ukrainian fonts, so I use the Latin letters (as they do), which is a little strange. If you have tips on how to use the right font comfortably, I would love to hear from you.


I see that both «у Київ» and «в Київ» are accepted as correct. Is there any difference?


Is "Ви поїхати ... " an alternative? Maybe even better?


"поїхати" is an infinitive, so it definitely can't be used here. "Ви поїдете" is a good alternative though :)


Чи поїдеш ти в Київ - what's wrong with this one?


Course creators decided not to included questions with "чи"


How common is it to ask questions with "чи" in Ukrainian?


1-Which preposition is more common in Ukrainian: "до Києва" or "у Київ"? 2- I think here is Kyiv must be in the accusative case, so it shouldn't have been "у Києві"?

  1. I would say both are equally common.
  2. In the proposed translation it is in the accusative case ("у Києв") and describes the direction of the action. "У Києві" is the locative case, which describes the location of the action.


You're the best teacher man, дякую за все :)

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