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Questions on correctness of more than one word

Suppose that in ten Esperanto answer sentences both "konversacii" and "konversi" are correct answers. However, only "konversacii" is assessed as correct answer at present. For improvement, the team wants to add "konversi" as also correct answer. Is it sufficient to add this in a word list uniquely, namely additionally to the item "konversacii"? Or does the team have to add "konversi" to every individual occurrence, this is in the ten sentences where "konversacii" is the correct answer at present?

June 20, 2015



I can't say for sure since I'm not a contributor to any course, but I think every sentence needs to be edited seperately.


^That's correct. There's a search function to find a specific word, but it only brings up a limited number of results, not every instance of the word. The best thing to do when you come across these is use the "Report a Problem" button and submit the missing alternative as something that should be added. The Esperanto team has been very quick in responding to reports in my experience, so as long as your suggestion is correct, they'll add it once they get to your report.

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