Level 25 in Swedish! Framgång, Äntligen!

I can't believe it but it's finally happened. Exactly 161 days ago today I first completed my first lesson in Swedish, and my love for the language took off from there. I've worked diligently every day on learning the language, and I must say, I've made amazing progress. Even considering the simplicity of the language for an English speaker, I have still made superior progress. Now I can understand news articles, big chunks of youtube videos, and can comprehend a speaker who isn't talking too fast! I want to thank the Swedish team for their hard work, and others who helped along the way! (I think the Swedish program is possibly the best on Duolingo!) It's really nice to see such a great free online language-learning community with people that are really supportive. I found that most of my grammar questions were already answered by people just recently in the discussion section. Even though I've reached the peak, I intend to continue learning new vocabulary and maintain what I've learned. But now that I won't be doing so much Swedish every day on Duo, any ideas for what language I should devote more of my time to? (That I'm already working on, but possibly Ukranian) I'm thinking Ukranian, because I'm up for a challenge and I can already kinda-sorta read Cyrillic, but I might brush up on French or tackle more Norwegian. I want to give a sincere thank you to you guys, just because of how helpful you've been! You guys rock!

June 20, 2015


Grattis! :D Level 25 is an amazing achievement and I hope to get there some day too. What other Swedish language resources do you plan to use?

The Norwegian course is excellent too, and I've found the differences and similarities really reinforce my Swedish knowledge. The Norwegian course has more vocabulary too, so when I encounter a word I don't know in Swedish, I look it up.

June 20, 2015

Congrats! I agree this is a great course. I tried the Rosetta Stone program first, and it frustrated me because there was no "tips & tricks", and access to the community to speak to others was $30 a month. I almost gave up on learning a new language until I found Duolingo.

Personally, when I get to level 25 I will visit Sweden. :)

June 21, 2015


June 20, 2015


June 20, 2015

Both gratulationer and (jag) gratulerar are fine. There is also grattis which is more colloquial but very common.

Btw, congratulations to you BenHudock and keep learning! ^^

June 21, 2015

wow that's a lot of work, to get Swedish to level 25, you're a wizard !

June 21, 2015

Fantastisk! I also just fell in absolute LOVE with Swedish and now I bore anyone who comes near me with my tidbits about Swedish words and shows and bands. Lately I've told my friends that my "true identity" is as a Swede I am transitioning to being a Swede and going forward I want them to think of me and refer to me as a Swedish person. Yes, I am obsessed. I'm pretty old so I'm amazed that I've learned so much of a new language! Today I hit Level 15! Hopefully it will be reflected in my profile i morgon.

Anyway Ben, you have every reason to be proud. It's a great accomplishment, and I love to hear that someone else loves Swedish the way I do.

May 14, 2018


June 23, 2015

grattis! i'm amazed that so much can be learned by just using duolino, i never really knew what the results were of this, so this gives me a lot of hope for all of this!

June 24, 2015
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