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  5. "Він менеджер."

"Він менеджер."

Translation:He is a manager.

June 20, 2015



It doesn't accept "He is the manager"


I'd say, "Він є менеджер." Always include the 'є' for the verb 'is'.... Without the 'є', the sentence doesn't sound complete or proper speech.

[deactivated user]

    This might be true for Canadian Ukrainian, but this course teaches Ukrainian as spoken in Ukraine.


    I love this app...but this is always the problem....transliteration


    I realize russian just nick most of their new words from english, but learning words i can just read is sp unnecessary. 4 new words in a row are english words in cyrillic. Unnecessary


    This is a Ukranian course :).

    A lot of languages have been taking their new words from English during the last century. Language courses can capitalise on that in their early lessons where you have to learn tons of new words anyway.

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