"En time senere"

Translation:An hour later

June 20, 2015



Should also accept én time senere (can't report it directly because it is considered a typo)


It would not be a completely correct translation. "én" and "en" are two different words. "én" is a numeral (="one") and "en" is an article (="a/an"). The original sentence used the article, not the numeral.

"Én time senere" is one of the accepted answers in the course. But it seems Duolingo has a difficulty handling situations where something can either be an acceptable typo or an alternative correct answer.


I had the audio exercise. Unfortunately the discussion threads for those are the same as for the non-audio exercise, and I keep forgetting to specify the type of exercise.


For some reason Duolingo distinguishes between é and É. "Én time senere" is accepted.


Ah I thought I noticed something like that. Is that something you can ask the developers to fix?


Yes, we are, so hopefully it'll be sorted soon! :)

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