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Scoring/strengthening skills


I'm trying to work out how the duolingo scoring system works. When I strengthen my skills, sometimes I complete the questions but it doesn't change the colour of the icon back to gold even though I was only one notch down on the scale that says you need to strengthen (does that makes sense??)

Is there a minimum score you need to get to get a gold icon? And do you always have to answer the same number of questions in each strengthening session? And how are incorrect answers scored?

I've spent ages trying to find the answers to this online but can't find them anywhere!

Thanks :)

June 20, 2015



Sometimes for me when one of my skill's is down just one notch, I will have to re-do all the lessons in that skill for it to turn back to gold. And I'm not sure if it takes longer if you get some incorrect. :D


    Sometimes in skills with more lessons, you could have 20% of the words that need strengthening but it might take several strengthening lessons to get it back up so, taking numbers completely out of a hat, if you have a lesson with 5 words and 20% need strengthening, then you only need to strengthen 1 word before it goes gold, however, if you have a skill with 100 words in and 20% need strengthening, then you need to strengthen 20 words before it goes gold, which could take 2 or 3 goes. Of course these are just numbers are just plucked out of the air and I'm assuming the notches are 20% each (seeing as there are 5 of them). Normally (as far as I'm aware) seeing a word in a lesson will strengthen it, the word will just decay quicker if you get it wrong or if you hover over it to see the hint so in timed practice if you only get 5 questions in it won't strengthen, but should strengthen if you complete a whole set of questions. Of course these are only assumptions I've made based on experience and what people have said in previous discussions


    I am also asking questions like those sometimes and there seems to be no official answer to them.

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