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The W-sound

¿Te cuesta trabajo pronunciar el sueno de W en inglés? Le doy un truco.

Whistle mouth
Whistle (silba). Now keep your mouth in the whistle shape, but make a voice sound, with your mouth in the whistle shape. Continue the sound for 5 seconds. That is the W-sound. Here is the clip. Practice the W-sound.

https://clyp.it/fyhf32kx . Willy went with Wally and we won.

June 20, 2015

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I am a native english speaker learning Spanish. I was quite surprised to see this post. When trying to imitate the pronunciation of words like puerta or puente, I tried "p" (p sound) "where" "ta" and "p"(p sound) "when" "tay" respectively. Or put another way I substituted the "ue" with a "w" sound. I thought it sounded correct (I can't do the "r's" yet but that's a different post). If Spanish students are having trouble with the "w" sound it must mean there is no "w" sound in these Spanish words. Difficult to train your ears to hear subtle differences.

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