"La retumilo ne funkcias."

Translation:The web browser does not work.

June 20, 2015

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That's because you use Internet Explorer ^^


You beat me to it!


You beat me to saying that you beat me to it


Wrong name, it's really "Internet Exploder."


Retumi (to browse the web) + ilo (tool) = retumilo (web browser)


Kaj nun chrome ne funkcias tre bone :/


I just want to voice an opinion: "Funkcii" is a weird word. I have heard the discussion about "nk" in Esperanto, and how those two letters sometimes go against the rule of "one letter - one sound", often turning into "ng+k" instead.

But If I now want to pronounce "funkcii" properly, I will end up with "fun-k-tsi-i". That's four consonants! And they look so weird together! Either, I have to group them up, which necessarily becomes "nk-ts", or "ngk-ts", or I start struggling and spitting all over my screen. Send help...

I don't dislike this at all though. I like that I run into these sorts of things, from what I understand this is a more common thing in eastern-european languages, so it is probably background specific. I enjoy relating to other people and their struggles with what I normally consider simply pronounced sounds.


Zamenhof himself finally threw up his arms and said, "alright say the ng and nk sounds as one sound each." (paraphrased for ease of reading) He did try to get people to say n+g an n+k with each letter being a separate sound, but fairly quickly changed his mind.

You may find a reading of la unua libreto interesting. There is no discussion of the sounds discussed here, today, but you can really see just how much the language has grown from its original 900 radicals. http://www.genekeyes.com/Dr_Esperanto.html


I could not hear the L in retumilo this time.

At all.


It's subtle, but I can hear it.


Which USE flags did you set when compiling it?


The browser's broke?


Most of computer lessons here: La ___ ne funkcias!


Google translate diras, ke "retu" signifikas "networked." Do, ĉu "retumilo" signifikas "networking tool"?


Well, that's Google. Slowly it's finally starting to learn actual nuances. Reto means (signifas) net. -um- is a filler suffix with no set meaning. Together they can make the verb retumi which has come (Signifi) to mean "Browse the internet."

We also know that the suffix -il- means tool. Ergo, Retumilo is a tool for browsing the internet.

I recommend getting a real dictionary, Google translate is a bad source. There are a few dozen dictionary apps out there, some are very much worth having. Please check them out.

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