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immersion and other ways of practice

I have spent a huge amount of time on this site but most of it has been in the Lesson Practices. I think I am a higher level than what most people are at my current vocabulary count (level 13-14 with only 150 words learned), and all that is because I do lesson practices all the time. I do them because I was to burn it in my brain. I'm still worried to try the Immersion or any translation because I feel like I don't understand the grammar enough or know enough words to do that. What do you guys think? Should I go ahead and take a deep breath and dive into the Immersion or should I continue what I am doing OR does anyone have a better idea to help me remember what I have learned? I think I struggle a little more than others in remembering what I have been taught (at least when it comes to languages) so I just can't move on to early or I will just forget everything. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated it.

October 7, 2013



I am also doing lesson practice most of the time. My personal opinion is that you should continue practicing and only start doing translations as soon as you feel comfortable to do so. In the end, you should figure out what works best for you.


I repeat every lesson 2-3 times and only then go to the next one. What is the use of shallow learning? And I don't feel like I "can read 65.9% of all real Spanish articles" like the page shows me now. Is it only my feeling? Could anyone say anything to this point?


That's right, mine shows that I can now read 96.5% of real life French articles, but I feel like that's quite far from being the case :)


The best way to learn a language is to immerse yourself in it. In an ideal world we would go to live in Germany or France and listen and speak the language. We would make many mistakes, but we would learn very fast.

Now compare that to repeating the same sentences and words time after time. After some time you can produce them when prompted. But does that mean that you know them? That you can use them out of the context? I don't think not.

Reading is in my opinion the second best way of learning a language. You can read the texts from immersion. That way you will encounter the same word in different settings, and you will remember them better.


Thank you guys for your replies and suggestions. Sorry I didn't reply earlier, I had a busy day. Anyways Mirima has a REALLY good point. I have heard time and time again that living in that place is the best way to learn a language so I guess reading it would actually be a close second. I think I will still practice a lot but I guess I need to take the deep breath and give it a try. I guess I'll learn many other words as well.

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