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  5. "Miaj filoj estas ĝemeloj."

"Miaj filoj estas ĝemeloj."

Translation:My sons are twins.

June 20, 2015


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The zodiac sign is called Gemini because the Latin word for "twins" is "gemini" (singular "gemina"). It's also why the linguistic term for pronouncing a sound twice as long is called "gemination" (and in dentistry, a double tooth is called a geminate tooth).


Yeah. It's (predictably) similar to the word for 'twin' in a lot of Romance languages.


Why is "filoj"not children? Twins can be both male and female and gender is not presumed by "filoj" right?

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I think "filo" is specifically "son". "Offspring" would be "ido", "child" would be "infano".


Ĝemeloj makes me think of the pasta "gemelli". Perhaps they share the same root?

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Yes, and the constellation Gemini, and the linguistic term "gemination", which means "doubling". They all come from the Latin meaning "twins". The pasta is called such because it is two strands that twist around each other.

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