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Finished the Turkish course!

I just completed my seventh Duolingo course, in Turkish. Thanks to the creators of the programme! I am still working through Irish, and look forward to Russian coming on line.

June 20, 2015



That's great! Congratulations! :) How did you find the course? What aspects of Turkish did you enjoy learning the most? :)


Congrats!!! I know our tree isn't easy and finishing it is a great accomplishment! How are you planning on continuing with Turkish?!


I am going to jump in here because I finished the tree last week.

First, I am still feeling a little shaky on remembering things. I am having to look things up way too often, and so I will be concentrating on trying to keep the tree golden totally from memory with minimal mistakes. I am also starting the Pimsleur Turkish course to help with the speaking, and I am beginning to try to read newspapers and such in Turkish.

Anyhow, I am headed to Turkey in September, and I am looking forward to practicing my skills there..

Thanks so much for all your hard work putting the Turkish course together! It has been a great experience!


Congrats! I'm slowly going through that one since my main focus now is on Italian(and refreshing my German which I learned years ago). I'm also eager for Romanian to come online, but that one is still in its early stages.

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