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Finished the Turkish course!

I just completed my seventh Duolingo course, in Turkish. Thanks to the creators of the programme! I am still working through Irish, and look forward to Russian coming on line.

June 20, 2015



That's great! Congratulations! :) How did you find the course? What aspects of Turkish did you enjoy learning the most? :)


Congrats!!! I know our tree isn't easy and finishing it is a great accomplishment! How are you planning on continuing with Turkish?!


I am going to jump in here because I finished the tree last week.

First, I am still feeling a little shaky on remembering things. I am having to look things up way too often, and so I will be concentrating on trying to keep the tree golden totally from memory with minimal mistakes. I am also starting the Pimsleur Turkish course to help with the speaking, and I am beginning to try to read newspapers and such in Turkish.

Anyhow, I am headed to Turkey in September, and I am looking forward to practicing my skills there..

Thanks so much for all your hard work putting the Turkish course together! It has been a great experience!


Newspapers are a very daunting task! I still have troubles with them sometimes! Good luck though. If you need any suggestions, let me know!


Congrats! I'm slowly going through that one since my main focus now is on Italian(and refreshing my German which I learned years ago). I'm also eager for Romanian to come online, but that one is still in its early stages.

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