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"Is she drinking a glass of water?"

Translation:Ĉu ŝi trinkas glason da akvo?

June 20, 2015



Why akvo not akvon? :(


Hey Erick, Akvon with the ending -n is accusative. So (mi trinas akvon) seems logical doesn't it? But the particle (da) lit. means /of/, so how come we add -n to the noun after it... since (akvo) therefore is in the genitive case and NOT accusative case


why is it not "glason sa akvon?"


Tha was a typo, right kcierhikari88? Da instead of sa.? And no -n after da, de, dum, at least, that's how I remember them.


Why don't you use de instead of da in this context? I thought da was only used for quantity


She is drinking a glass of water and not a water glass right? I think it would hurt to try and drink (eat?) a glass.


I don't believe you understand my question. I mean why are you using "da" instead of "de"


glaso da akvo = a quantity of water specified by how much the glass can hold glaso de akvo = the glass, a physical object, which happens to have water in it

So when you say "Ŝi trinkas glason da akvo", you're using "glass" as a quantity and are saying that she drank that much water, while if you were to say "Ŝi trinkas glason de akvo", you're using "glass" as a concrete object and saying that she drank the glass. Hopefully vikungen's answer makes more sense now. ;)


eww, drinking glass, now i know why its da instead of de

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