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Tree #10: Bokmål (Norwegian)

"You've conquered the Norwegian (Bokmål) skill tree!"

Thank you very much to the great team who built this most entertaining, rarely frustrating, varied and challenging course. I enjoyed the ubiquitous pop cultural references and the introduction to Norwegian culture, language, cuisine and politics.

And you guys do an incredible job helping pretty much 24/7 in the forums.

Tusen takk, det var kjempeflott, og jeg skal forsøke å bruke mine kunnskaper av det norske språket neste gang jeg møter nordmenn her i Berlin eller når jeg reiser nordover.

(Ellers leser jeg nå Min Kamp bind 3. På norsk.)

June 20, 2015



Congratulations, and thank you for your kind words!

We'll definitely be missing your help in the sentence discussions once you move on to tree #11. ;)


I'll still be around; I just need to get back at Spanish now, hence will shift my focus a small bit. I'm stuck in reading there, and just cannot adequately express any coherent thought of my own verbally. Am still looking for a tandem and in between will reactivate (reaureate) the Spanish tree here.


Gratulerer! Lykke til videre med lesing og fremtidige samtaler! :D


Mange takk, jeg håper at jeg vil ha muligheter å praktisere språket.


Why would you want to read "Mein Kampf" in Norwegian, especially because it is (rightly) banned in Berlin and according to Wikipedia it only has two volumes...


Ah, different kind of "my fight" ;-)

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