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  5. "Paven kjører motorsykkel."

"Paven kjører motorsykkel."

Translation:The pope drives a motorcycle.

June 21, 2015



"You need the article a here". Really? I think that without it the English version can mean that the pope drives it in general (he has a license, likes to drive, sometimes does). And I presume that the Norwegian version can have the same meaning. But I am not certain about either.


You can't say "the pope drives motorcycle" in English. You can say "the pope drives motorcycles" or "the pope drives the/a motorcycle"... but without an article it's grammatically incorrect.


Thanks. Plural it is, then.

Now I am interested whether the Norwegian version can mean this.


The Norwegian sentence can mean either that he drives a motorcycle at this very moment, in the future expressed with the present tense, or that he regularly drives motorcycles.


The norwegian sentence means "... drive motorcycles". The "a" is there just to make the english sentence logic with motorcycle in singular that is given


Plural of motorsykkel will be motorsykler, if I am not wrong.

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