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  5. "Es sieht gewöhnlich aus."

"Es sieht gewöhnlich aus."

Translation:It looks ordinary.

December 28, 2012



Why must be "aus" at the ending of the sentece?


Would it be okay if I said "Es aussehen gewöhnlich?"

[deactivated user]

    No, aussehen is a separable verb, but I assume that you could say Sie/sie sehen gewöhnlich aus.


    it is separable verb like "ausgehen: go out" and "anrufen:call to some one" and here is "aussehen : look like" and at the sentence "aus" goes at the end and the verb sits in position 2


    I'm wondering about the meaning of this. Does it mean 'it looks common/tacky', with a negative connotation, or 'it seems normal', in a neutral way?


    As usual = wie gewöhnlich, so I think it's neutral


    aussehen could also mean seems..?


    Can you translate this "It looks like normal."?


    Es sieht normal aus. It does not sound good together with wie.
    Or you could also say (Es) sieht so aus, als wäre es normal.


    Even in English, you shouldn't say, it looks LIKE normal.


    I am English, and I answered "it looks like normal". And by that I mean "it looks the same as it usually looks", or "it appears to be the same as it usually appears" (i.e. "it normally looks that way, and the present case is no exception"). I have lived in Asia for many years, so maybe my English has been influenced by non-native-speakers. But "it looks like normal" seems fine to me.


    Maybe it depends on the dialect, then. (ETA: I am from the USA.)


    Es sieht wie normal.


    Is this how Germans normally say this this? It seems a little unusual...


    How would you say "it looks normal out", as in "it looks normal outside"?

    [deactivated user]

      I think that 'es sieht gewöhnlich draußen aus' might be a translation.


      Doesn't expect "it is normal looking"


      Aussehen Vs scheinen. Difference???


      how is aussehen different then sehen in its meaning?


      sehen - to see http://www.dict.cc/?s=sehenplay_first_audio=DE

      aussehen - to look (as in appearance) http://www.dict.cc/?s=Aussehen

      Ich sehe das Kleid = I see the dress

      Das kleid sieht gut aus = the dress looks good

      sieht aus is a conjugation of aussehen (in case it's new to you)

      ich sehe gut aus - I look good

      du siehst gut aus - you look good

      er/sie/es sieht gut aus - he looks good

      wir sehen gut aus - we look good

      ihr seht gut aus - you (plural familliar) look good

      sie sehen gut aus - they look good

      Sie sehen gut aus - You (formal singular + plural)


      Again, the block that proposed "report" or "discuss" is blocking.


      How would one say: "It looks normally like that." In german?

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