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"Ĉu religio dividas la socion?"

Translation:Does religion divide society?

June 21, 2015



Duo with the serious questions today


Unity can happen with diversity. And we will be united, either by choice or forced to by necessity.

We'll need a common auxiliary language when (preferably before) that happens.


Ok, back to language learning. Duo hover hints define "dividas" as "divide / share". If used in this sense, then the 'divide' and 'share' seem to be antonyms. It would make more sense to use 'dividas' in the sense of: "The group divided up/shared the spoils of their recent raid of the neighboring village."


Yes and no. It's possible I'm mistaking, but "Mi dividas la kukon" can be translated as "I divide the cake." But, "Mi dividas la kukon kun vi" can be translated as "I divide the cake with you / share the cake with you." Alternatively, you could use "kunhavi:" "Ni kunhavas la kukon," or "Mi kunhavas la kukon kun vi."


Yes, and that's a good thing. Humanity should not be homogenous.


Not a good thing when violence starts, cxu ne?


I always thought that most people want to belong, incorporate into a group, to experience a sense of unity. Ever since we become adolescents we crave to be part of a group. So romantic as it sounds the truth is that most individuals strive to be homogeneous. If we are to be different let it be at least for something real, not fairy tales.


You're correct that people tend to want to belong to a group, but the whole world is not a group. Religion is one way of creating an intimate community.


I agree with you. I was just playing devil's advocate, someone has to do it.


Nova frazo por vi: Playing the devil"s advocate = Ludi rolon de kontraǔulo.



Fakte, jes. Kaj estas malĝoje. Kvankam, mi estas katolikano, mia lojaleco estas kun homaro :)

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