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I haven't progressed in days due to being stuck repeating lessons

I even had little to no errors over the past few days as I had to do a dozen or two practice lessons. I narrowed it down to just three left to do yesterday and I finished all three with maybe a few accent errors and accidentally writing in Spanish instead of English once. Today, I found that Duolingo has decided that I have 10 sections to review...I'm not really sure what to do at this point. I want to keep moving forward, but I'm getting really bothered by having incomplete marks on the rest of my lessons.

I would love to not care about it and just keep going onto new lessons, but then how do I review what I actually need to review when Duolingo seems to think I need to review everything? Does anyone else have similar issues? I have an average of 100-200 experience a day and it is not enough to keep apace.

June 21, 2015



It does get frustrating. I've decided that keeping my tree golden is not feasible if I want to advance so from now on I'm going to concentrate on those areas I know I'm weaker in and just pick a random couple of those that Duolingo says I need to practise then reward myself with a new lesson as well.


Sounds like a good way to go about it. I guess I just got upset about feeling like I was being told that I'm doing poorly on the material.


As you complete new lessons, it will review previous I lessons a little bit as well.


So I have the chance to return old lessons to gold through new lessons?


Yep! At least that's what happens for me.


For various reasons, I haven't done a new skill in about two weeks. More recent skills that I tested out of required four lessons/strengthening to get them back to gold. It was discouraging and I cut back from 100 + XP on most days to about half that on average.

I did consider just forging ahead to new lessons and forget about keeping everything gold in my French tree, but in the end decided against that. As of today, I am all gold on all previously completed French skills, and will move on to a new lesson tomorrow.

However, it's up to you what you want to do. You can forge ahead and do no review lessons, but you might find that it might trip you up in later lessons if you are at all shaky on the previous lessons. You could do one new skill per day and then a certain number of review/refresh skills. You could continue to try to keep everything gold, and then move on to new lessons when you are all caught up. That can sometimes be a bit boring.

A recent message indicated a change in evaluating errors. Previously, Duo was unable to tell what part of the sentence was wrong. Now they can, but they mentioned that some people might start seeing more skills degrade as a result. It's possible that this is just part of the adjustment process and it won't be forever as they are better able to pinpoint where each of us is struggling.

One thing that I noticed earlier is that new skills often degilded after five days. Previously regilded lessons frequently lost their gold after three days. No doubt it varies, but if you are doing a lot of XP per day, this can add up. Maybe do less XP per day, especially if you are getting discouraged and/or burned out?


Well I guess we will see how if the new system changes much. But you're right, I got burnt out pretty quickly from trying to keep up with it all. I actually got around 1200 XP on my first day since I was able to test out of a lot of the Spanish curriculum, so all those gold sections went dry fast


That makes sense. You might consider trying timed practice when you review the skills that you tested out of. It's 20 questions but goes quite fast. I tested out of all the checkpoints, When I went back much later, it was lit up like a Christmas tree with no gold at all. So, I did all the lessons, which was sometimes boring. That part of the Spanish tree now stays gold most of the time.

If you are certain that you know all the material well, you might not need to review/redo the skills at all. For me, redoing the skills was worthwhile as I was able to fill in many of the holes in my vocabulary (suit, tie, and so on), and learned to stop making careless mistakes ( such as typing you instead of yo for some strange reason).

I've been doing less XP per day recently and the decay rate in French has slowed down. There was only one skill to strengthen this morning, and one or two more will most likely pop up at some point today.


There are some that I know I need practice on for sure since I also have some holes in my vocab and the such, but overall I'm fine on a lot of it. Spanish was one of my first languages until I was 6 and stopped speaking it. So a lot of my mistakes actually end up coming from the nuances between my Guatemalan Spanish and this Spanish from Spain I never really cared for.

I'll definitely take a look at the timed practice, thank you. And making mistakes like yo and you (or sometimes i type in he instead of el.) is actually a good sign. I would say it means that the languages are getting mixed in your head which just means that the new language is becoming more natural to you. Keep up the good work!


Is it possible that DL is marking sections for review that don't actually need it?

Since completing the "ir" section in Spanish a couple of weeks ago, it comes up for review every day even though I get it back to gold each time. It's actually a very easy section and I rarely get anything wrong. There has to be a bug here.

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