"Your food is green."

Translation:Din mad er grøn.

June 21, 2015

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I don't get it. Why is it not "grønne"? I thought that when the noun was definite (which it is, since we use "DIN mad"), we should use the plural form...


I didn't get the logic difference between grønne and grøn or grønt I think. Let's move on and hope I'll get it eventually


Grønne is for plural green objects. Grøn is for -en singular objects (objects that would end with 'en'. So the man is manden, the green man is den grøn mand) Grønt is for -et singular objects (such as the water 'vandet'. The green water 'det grønt vand')


Wouldnt it be den grønne mand because when it declines with definite it means it becomes plural?

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