Does anyone know the word for

Paramedic? I cannot find it anywhere. I've tried a few dictionaries and Google Translate. It's just not there.

3 years ago


There was a discussion regarding this last year, and sukuristo won forward.

From sukuri : to give first-aid

3 years ago

Thanks a ton!

3 years ago

First thing I did was check Wikipedia. Unfortunately the article is not available in Esperanto.

3 years ago

I found a sentence, if this helps: "A team of paramedics is standing by." "Skipo helpkuraca tenas sin preta."

Not sure of the reliability. It was at the glosbe dictionary, but it is taken from Glosbe also lists a number of other words as possible translations, but they don't seem to be defined words. Check them against or something.

3 years ago
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Wells has savhelpisto and paramedicinisto.

3 years ago
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