"Ni iru al la bestoĝardeno por vidi la aligatorojn!"

Translation:Let's go to the zoo to see the alligators!

June 21, 2015

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There seems to be a big problem with the "Ni" sentences, because the rollover answer gives the definition of We should, yet the actual answer persists to be "Let's" is there a reason for this?


Both are be acceptable translations in real life, but if the generally accepted translation on duolingo is different from the one given by the rollover text, then that's a problem that should be ironed out.


Yeah its literally the first thing that comes up on the roll over, so I assume its just a bug in the program?


Ĉu "zuo" povus esti nova vorto? a~a "Bestoĝardeno" tre longlongas.


Even if zuo is a very good proposal, it's not recommended to add new words for esperanto when there is already a word for something.

Otherwise esperanto would get full of things with more than one name, which would ruin the aim of being a fast and easy learning language.

We need to learn it as it is, so we all learn a same version of the language. We must avoid tending to create dialects.


I like "animal garden"


Zoo jam ekzistas


Jes, sed ekz. PIV difinas tiun vorton ankaŭ alie kiel "animalo" https://vortaro.net/#zoo . Tamen tio (verŝajne) ne estas tre problema :)


"Bestoĝardeno" mem ne eĉ ĉeestas en PIV


Ne aligatoru, se vi ne volas sendigxi al la bestogxardeno.

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