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New iPhone app interface in testing?

With the recent update, I have to click exclusively on the arrow or checkmark instead of the green bar at the bottom of the screen. Earlier I could touch any part of the green bar to go to the next question, but now it forces me to click on that arrow/checkmark symbol. Because of this I cannot focus on my task and have to shift my focus to something else. May be due to muscle memory.

Edit: Also notice how the checkmark hides the written sentence and how messed up the boxes are when long sentences are given. This a/b test is really testing my nerves. I have switched to desktop until this a/b test is over.

June 21, 2015



Just chiming in to say this (particularly the new checkmark/arrow buttons) is really messing me up too. The exercise shown on the right in your post is also having lots of issues with longer sentences, where the sentence you make ends up going on top of the area where you tap words because it's poorly designed from sentences over one line long.


I noticed that too. The words are a total mess in long sentences.


What do you mean by tick sign? I have the iPhone app as well, and the only thing I have to click is a big green button at the bottom.


I think they are testing this new interface randomly. But the problem is I am unable to use the old interface. I tried signing out and reinstalling the app. But if I use another account, the old interface comes back. That means the tests are tied to the account and not Apple id/Google id or individual devices.


Yup, it sounds like an a/b test. Here's how to discover your groups, for anyone interested. This has a little bit of discussion about how Duolingo uses a/b tests.

I can't say I understand the goal of this particular test, but that's psychology research for you. (I bet your difficulty is just muscle memory, though!)

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