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Time zone shifted?

Until a few days ago my DL time zone was correctly set to midnight UK time. Then for no discernible reason it shifted to 6pm but appears to think I am in Saigon ("timezone":"Asia/Saigon").

I have not changed timezone, and I don't use the app. System = Windows 7 Professional and Firefox 38.0.5.

Suggestions, anyone?


ETA - "DL" for clarity.

June 21, 2015



Duo is hopelessly confused about timezones. It thinks I'm in New York. Neither I nor my laptop have been anywhere near that time zone in the whole time time I've been here and my system time zone has also not been set to New York time. Where Duo got the impression that I'm in New York from is a total mystery to me.


What timezone does the Windows settings now think you are in?


The clock on my laptop is showing 11.53, which is correct for the UK.


I don't think that is necessarily the same thing!


If you mean Date and Time in the Control Panel, that too is correct - showing 12.30pm London time.

If not, where should I be looking please?


The link at http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/944-time-zone-change.html shows how to change timezone for Windows 7, not sure about other versions but that site should be able to help.


Thanks, but I've already checked that and W7 is fine. The problem seems to be with DL for some reason.


Check the time zone set on your device.


It seems to be fine. See above.


If you have access to one of the Duolingo apps, doing an activity on the app is supposed to reset a Duolingo account’s timezone to match the mobile device’s timezone.

If you don’t have access to a Duolingo app, you could install the Greasemonkey extension in Firefox and then install the DuoTweak userscript to see if that would be able to reset the Duolingo account’s timezone.

(Note that I haven’t tried either method; this is just a summary of what I’ve found on the topic.)


Ugh! This just happened to me. I haven't left my time zone in a long time, so there's no reason for it. If you find a good solution, please share it with me.


Update: I don't know why my timezone switched, but I did a lesson from a tablet (as some have suggested) and it fixed my shifted time zone back to normal.

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