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  5. "Banka beşinci katta."

"Banka beşinci katta."

Translation:The bank is on the fifth floor.

June 21, 2015



How do Turks count floors?

Like in England and Germany (ground floor, first floor, second floor) or like in America (first floor, second floor, third floor)?

Or in other words, would "ikinci kat" be two floors above ground level or just one floor above ground level?


Like in England and Germany ;ground floor, first floor, second floor - giriş kat, birinci kat, ikinci kat. But I know a few people who call the ground floor birinci kat


why "banka" not bank ?


Because the Turkish word for a bank (a place that deals with money) is banka.

bank is a different Turkish word, meaning a bench.


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