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"Is maith liom an t-ollmhargadh seo."

Translation:I like this supermarket.

June 21, 2015



Ewh! I like this 'gross market'? Well, I'll remember it! Does 'oll' have the same connotations as 'gross' in English, or is it more like German?


I'm not sure what 'gross' means in German, but it's not like the English definition that means 'disgusting', but more like the one that means 'whole amount'. [see here for the definition of a synonym, from Wiktionary.


Thank you! (And 'groß' in German just means 'big.)


Gotcha. Yeah. Given that another definition of oll can be 'great', I suggest that's the better way to look at it - great market.


Ah! Much better! Go raibh maith agat.


What word would just mean market vs. supermarket. Can ollmhargadh be used for either?

[deactivated user]

    margadh - "market" ollmhargadh - "supermarket"
    scoil - "school"
    ollscoil - "university"
    brabús - "profit"
    ollbhrabús - "gross profit"
    cogadh - "war"
    ollchogadh - "total war"
    puball - "tent"
    ollphuball - "marquee"
    dealbh - "statue"
    olldealbh - "colossus"

    oll is the "super" in "supermarket".


    Could supermarket be understood as a grocery store, and a market being an outside venue?


    This is an Irish course for English speakers. The Irish for "grocery store" is siopa grósaera, the Irish for "supermarket" is ollmhargadh, the Irish for "market" is margadh. The Irish for "outside venue" is ionad taobh amuigh.

    Some markets are held outdoors, some are held indoors. Some are temporary or irregular, some are permanent fixtures. Not all "grocery stores" are supermarkets, though pretty much all supermarkets sell groceries.


    Many thanks for the rundown.

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