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  5. "I offer you my house."

"I offer you my house."

Translation:Jeg byr deg huset mitt.

June 21, 2015



Why is "på" missing from the sentence? Previously it was said in a comment, that the verb is "å by på", and that "på" cannot be omitted. Are both versions correct, but have different meanings?


In this case the verb is 'å by'. I'm not really sure when 'på' is supposed to be part of it, as I can't find any explanation for that atm. I might update this comment if I can find one.


Somebody (I don't remember who :( ) wrote this in the discussion of a similar sentence. There the question was the same, just the other way round: "Why is 'på' necessary? That sentece was something like "What does she offer him?"

If you can somehow look up the sentences that recenty came up for me, you might find it in the comments.


It was "Hun byr ham på kaffe". I think you just have to learn by heart when 'på' is needed and when it's not, but when offering food 'på' should be used.

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