"Ŝia boato estas tro granda por la kanalo."

Translation:Her boat is too big for the canal.

June 21, 2015

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That's what she said


Ŝi estas Evergreen, kaj ŝia boato (aŭ ŝipo) estas la Ever Given.


I thought Esperanto was supposed to have words with only one sense to them. Is it simply that a small band of frequencies is considered similar enough to a thin path of water that both can be called "kanalo"? Kanalo = a thin path of flow by which things can be transmitted or transported?


Many Esperanto words have more than one 'sense' in the way that 'kanalo' does; just like you say narrow waterways and narrow electromagnetic frequency bands are both conduits to transmit things. What Esperanto avoids are words like bark, bear, miss, fair etc. which have multiple totally unrelated meanings.


Esperanto avoids this... somewhat.

We still have quite a few. "Parko/park(um)i" springs to mind. Some consider "fumi cigaredon" to be a different meaning (personally, I don't). There are countless examples in PIV if one is inclined to look.

But you're right - two two meanings of kanalo are not different meanings. They're literal and metaphorical versions of the same meaning.

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