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"Hvorfor maler vi egg i påsken?"

Translation:Why do we paint eggs at Easter?

June 21, 2015



As a native English speaker, I do believe that "for easter" sounds a lot better than on.


I think "at Easter" sounds the most natural, but any of these prepositions work. "For Easter" perhaps suggests we are painting them beforehand, "during Easter" suggests it is a prolonged activity or that it occurs at an uncertain time at some point over the Easter weekend, and "on Easter" is less natural but fine enough.


"On Easter" sounds right to me. It's what I wrote the first time I saw this sentence.


That could only mean "on Easter Sunday". I suspect that this refers to the whole Easter period, in which case only "at Easter" is possible.


Easter only exists for 1 Sunday, though. The period before it is called Lent.


I live on the east coast of the US, and here it is more common to say "on" a holiday than "at" a holiday.


Jeg tror kanskje oversettelsen skal være "Why do we paint eggs for easter?"


That would be closer to "Hvorfor maler vi egg til påsken?"


"at Easter(time)" is also acceptable in American English. It is better than "on Easter" because "on" is on that one day, but "at Easter" or "at Eastertime" gives a little leeway. I'm sure some people will kneejerk and say I'm wrong, but just think of "at Christmas(time)."


For the Easter bunny to hide, of course.


Bokmål - Hvorfor maler vi egg i påsken/påska?
Nynorsk - Kvifor målar vi/me egg i påska/påsken?

[deactivated user]

    "i påsken" means during eastern. There is no such thing as på påske, but "til påske" means for or to eastern; before the holiday or to be used during the holiday.


    Fordi det er for vanskelig å male elefanter. Og barna finner dem så lett.


    Could 'in Easter' also be accepted here?


    In a lot of churches, Easter is a liturgical season that's multiple weeks long, beginning on Easter Sunday. In that context I've heard phrases like "third Sunday in Easter". When you're referring to the day, I think you have to use the word "on".


    OK...but egg-painting occurs before Easter Sunday

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