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"Mi lasciavano sempre con i giovani."

Translation:They always left me with the youngsters.

October 7, 2013



I was a bit upset to lose a heart over using kids instead of youngsters

October 11, 2013


I always stress out over which word to use in these cases, especially when im down to the last heart. Should I put kids? adolescents? young ones? boys? I went for young people after a few minutes of deliberation, despite my fears about using a two word option. Thankfully it worked, kids was my second guess!

October 16, 2013


?? I put young people and it wasn’t counted correct...

March 9, 2019


I thought I'd try kids as more fitting the sentiment. Come on duolingo - get down with the young people.

February 23, 2019


Kids still not accepted. 3/3/18. In the US, kids is the most common term used by 'real people'.

March 3, 2018


Youngsters ,we would say "più giovani. Can it be Youngs ?

October 7, 2013


"I piu' giovani" would be "the younger ones." "Youngsters" would be "i giovani." "Youngs" is not an English word, unless it means people named Young.

October 7, 2013


questo inglese mi fa sempre sbagliarmi; La ringrazio un'altra volta

October 9, 2013


E anche l'italiano a noi!

August 30, 2016


Not "youngs", but it can be "young". "They always left me with the young." is perfectly acceptable English.

November 5, 2013


I have never heard "young" used in that sense. Youngster maybe, but I think the most natural translation to American English would be "kids".

February 22, 2018


At least in American English there is really no commonly used way to say "i giovani". Although "the youth", "the youngsters", "the young people", and the "young(er) ones" are all technically correct, they are rarely used in conversation, especially by anyone under age 75 or so. In spoken English, using "kids" (or "teenagers" if the group is comprised exclusively of adolescents) is really the most common expression.

Although in Italian "bambini" denotes younger (school age) children, "kids" can be used in English to refer to young people through late adolescence -- and sometimes even informally into the early 20s. (e.g., "we met up with some kids from the university across town."). It is also a common way to refer to one's own children even once they are grown, so it's a very flexible term in American English!

The only context in which "youth" or "young people" would be commonly used would be in a discussion on the young members of the population at large, such as in a newspaper article discussion issues faced by the American youth or a discussion about young people entering the workforce, etc. Both phrases have more of a sociological feel, while "youngsters" is much less formal and a little outdated (tending to be used almost exclusively by much older speakers).

September 23, 2014


Well put!

August 7, 2018


youngsters, the young, the young men, young ones, young'uns, youngins, youngin's, youths, younglings

These are all the synonyms that I could find offhand. I'm not sure which, if any, would be standard english. Probably "the young" or "the young men"?

October 23, 2013


The young, the young men, the young people, are most common in standard English. "Youths" is fine, though not so much used in US English conversation. "The youth" is also acceptable, but tends not to be used in common conversation; to my ear, it sounds a bit sociological. "Young'uns," "younglings," and anything that sounds like that is more regional, and not so much standard English.

December 8, 2013


My problem with this sentence was mot with the term for youth but where they expected me to find the word "would". I said they always leave me... the correction came back "They'd".

April 25, 2017


I used the same word order as in the Italian and was marked wrong!!!

December 28, 2017


lashiavano - were leaving?

February 4, 2018


Why always as last word in the sentence is wrong?

April 28, 2018


Kids would seem proper too

May 28, 2018


Translation is ridiculous

December 12, 2018


Why "They were always leaving me with the youngsters" is wrong and "They always left me with the youngsters" is right?

March 8, 2019


Why, oh why, is was my translation "they used to leave me always with the youngsters" wrong? :(

July 14, 2019
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