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I know roughly what the sentence means but know I will never translate it right on the first try

I am beginning to find, towards the 2/3 mark that I understand what most of the sentences mean, but due to the way Spanish structures sentences and doesn't phrase things the same way as English, I am getting probably half or more of my translations wrong, which means having to redo the same lessons several times so I can get the RIGHT translation to input next time it comes up.

I understand this would theoretically teach me grammar/context and how to think more in Spanish than in English, but when it results in taking me FAR longer to complete a lesson, and thus going through alot of the same sentences over and over again until I get all the acceptable answers, I'm just getting incredibly annoyed and fed up with it. I have been spending alot more time lately on other sites because this stopped being fun because I do understand the sentences but I get alot of them wrong due to semantics or because I simply cannot guess how something would translate into english.

The one that inspired me to write this is: "¡Ya basta de ver televisión!"

Now, I get that this basically means enough already of watching television (or how you'd say it in English, You've/I've watched enough TV already), but I am 100% certain that if I type that, it will be wrong. This keeps happening to me. I understand the sentence but my translation isn't quite right.

And this I feel like is where my need for duolingo is beginning to diminish. It has done a marvelous job in helping me learn to read another language, and recognize many words, but unless the acceptable answers thing gets expanded (I know, a work in progress), it's simply too frustrating. Because I learn so many different sentences in just one lesson, that for me to remember a specific example out of hundreds of why something means x and not y, I can't possibly hope to remember all those instances.

I'm quite comfortable reading now, and I thank duolingo for that (and don't worry, I still very much recommend this site! just not as much the further into it you get), but I am now trying to focus on improving understanding just what I hear without the text, and have started watching movies/tv shows in Spanish. This computer voice trips me up alot which is also frustrating in that respect. On the plus side at least it is consistent.

I feel like once I start talking to native speakers in person, I will get a much better idea of grammar and idioms and whatnot, and then perhaps when I come back to this again later I will KNOW how certain things are natively phrased and I won't struggle so much with "well, I know basically what this means but I know it won't translate exactly that way".

But does anyone else find it incredibly frustrating when you get your translation 90% correct >50% of the time? Redoing the same lesson 5 times to work through it just doesn't feel especially productive anymore, but I have certainly learned alot and come a long way!

December 28, 2012



That's how I've been feeling as well. It's been getting very annoying. I just click the "my translation should have been accepted" thingy and hope that the algorithms will eventually improve as more and more people use the site.


I felt the same when practicing French, but I notice that more and more valid answers are being added. Since one sentence can translate into multiple valid answers, simply enter yours and mark it as valid using the "my answer should be accepted" checkbox.


Same here. Unless they improve how Duolingo works, I think it's wrong to expect it to be very useful beyond a beginner level with language(s) you're studying.


Copy and paste the answer to wordpad. Robert9

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