"For lenge siden"

Translation:Long ago

June 21, 2015



It reminded me of "For Auld Lang Syne"


I en galakse langt bort.


For lenge siden, i en galakse langt, langt borte.


I came here to type that...haha


What about "For a long time ago"?


Skip the for. Just, 'a long time ago.'


"For a long time..."


for a long time ago.


For lenge siden, i en galakse langt, langt unna...


For long since?


For lenge siden, men ikke for så veldig lenge siden, jorda var forskellig, åh ja, det var det. (Was that translation correct or did I make a mistake?)


I’d go with “var jorda annerledes”.

(Should swap subject and verb, since you’re starting sentence with an adverb. Also, “annerledes” fits better here. It’s hard to explain: two things can be “forskjellig” from each other, but if you’re simply saying that something is “otherwise” without detailing the comparison, “annerledes” is better.)


Ah, thanks, to swap those two makes a lot of sense, didn't consider "for lenge siden" as the adverb, but you're right, V2 language, I remember. :-D

So if I compare two "other" things to each other, they're "forskjellig. And if I compare something to something immediate, it's "annerledes", is that correct?

So if I would say "That's a completely different situation/story", I would use annerledes? Or do I use "annerledes" only to say that something has changed through time and is therefore different than earlier?


Hmm... To be honest, my instinct is to say, "Det er en helt annen historie".

Here's a description of the difference from a native speaker I just asked: "Forskjellig is indeed comparative, annerledes as well, but with less emphasis on the actual difference. Annen is referring to a different object."

So, "annen historie" means a separate story. "Annerledes historie" means a different kind of story.

The difference between "annerledes" and "forskjellig" isn't that clear from the description above. But I guess there's grey areas in usage as well. If it helps, perhaps "forskjellig" is closer to "unalike".


Ok, thanks so much for your help trouble you've gone through. :-)

It's more complicated to me than I hoped, but I hope I'll get the feeling when to use what in the future.

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