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Thank you staff!

I have been using duolingo for a few months now and in that short time period I have seen duolingo update and expand soooo well. They really made a learning website fun everyday that I use this I learn I little more. I am becoming pretty fluent in Spanish which is something I always hoped for but never thought would happen. Thank you duo staff for making this experience fun and easy for me you guys are the best!

October 7, 2013



Que bueno, felicidades.


I agree.. as a student, I don't have time to take language courses through uni or pay hundreds of dollars for software or lessons. With Duolingo, I can practice my language anywhere - waiting for the bus, when I'm about to go to sleep, or in the middle of a homework break. It's 100% amazingly effective, and can't believe it took me so long to find it.


yes that's how i felt. The problem I had with Rosetta stone and other thing like that is that it was just so expensive


Nicely said! Ditto for me...except I still have a looooong way to go before I actually become anywhere close to "pretty fluent!"


Duolingo is indeed the best in languages!! :) I love it (Well, everybody does). Sigue así con tu español! :D


Yes thank you staff! I've looked far and wide for a language course like this and duolingo is by far the best!!


I defiantly agree Duolingo really does the best they can to help us and has changed so many times just to enhance our learning experience

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