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Adding my kids to my account?

I just want to add my kids to my account. Is that possible? I'm not seeing how to do this. They're to young to bother with e-mail account for the teacher/student option.

June 21, 2015



If you use Gmail, you can use aliases of your own email address for your kids' accounts.


That's a great idea!


I believe a website offers fake e-mail addresses similar to this, if you're not with GMail, although many other on-line e-mail providers have similar functions.


They either need to use your account, or make a separate one. There is no ability to partition a single account. You don't actually have to have a real email account. But, if your kiddos use a fake account won't get notifications and if they get locked out they won't be able to retrieve the password. So, they'll have to start over. That disclaimer in place, some folks are just putting their own email and adding an extra number to it for their kids, so they don't forget what it is.


Thank you for the suggestions!!

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