"Er hun på vei?"

Translation:Is she on the way?

June 21, 2015

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Why do we use here ''vei'' and not ''veien''?


The expression “på vei” conveys that she is in the process of moving to some particular place, but it doesn’t say anything about how – she might be walking or canoeing, for example. (The phrase might also mean that she is pregnant.)

The expression “på veien” would instead simply mean that she is physically located on a road.


I put, "Is she on the road?", and it was marked as correct even with no 'en' on the end of 'vei', so it must've been taken to have the same meaning. I guess 'on the road' could mean not only physically located on it, but 'on the way', or one could ask if a young person was 'on the road' in terms of allowed to drive yet. Not sure what you'd use for that.


"på veien" indicates that she is physically on the road. "på vei" says that she is travelling/moving along (using any form of transportation you can imagine).


The "quick" voice pronounces the -v- like the english -v-: vei. The "slow" voice pronounces vei with the english -w- sound, similar to the word "why." Which is correct?


I noticed this too. Interestingly, I had Google Translate pronounce the words, and it did the same thing. The word "vei" all by itself was pronounced like "why", but when combined with anything else ("en vei", "veien", "veier", etc.), the "v" was then pronounced. So maybe for some reason the word all by itself is pronounced like "why" (which makes it even closer to the English word "way").


er hun gravid?


kommer hun nå?


I wish Duo wouldn't change the literal meaning when telling you the answer, or at least tell you what the phrase literally translates to as well as how the native speakers would actually mean it. It starts to get confusing when vei means road and then a phrase with vei in it literally does not have road in the answer...


I hear the male voice say (normal speed): "eren på vei". Hører dere på samme måte?


Det er ikke riktig fordi ordet er "vei"


Det er ikke riktig!! "På veien" betyr "on the way" eller "on the road", men "på vei" betyr "on way", "on road"

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