"I am listening to the music and he is reading magazines."

Translation:Я слухаю музику, а він читає журнали.

June 21, 2015

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"Я слухаю музику, і він читає журнали." ?


Think of the English "while", it can connect two contrasting sentences. Not in the sense of "during" but rather in the sense of "and" (I am a student while he is a salesman= Я студент, а він продавець)

You cannot use it when the statements are the same, sounds strange (I am not a student while he is a student = Я студент, а він студент ~~> Я студент, і він студент.


i means the correspondence of the two actions ( я їм, і він їсть). Reading and listening are not alike, so we connect the two with а (meaning I am listening to music and he (he is not listening to music) is reading magazines

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