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Only one day to go!

Well, we've have been waiting for this for a loooong time, and we've only got two days to go. That's 48 hours and counting! Are you excited? What do you think it will look like? And which languages do you want added first? One day to go now! Only 24 hours! ITS BEEN RELEASED!!!

October 7, 2013



A lot of you guys are getting the wrong impression. You won't be able to start making courses for any language tomorrow.

"At first, you'll be able to build courses to learn English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese from any other language in the world. And before the end of the year, it will be possible to create courses in all combinations of languages."


So no courses for learning Korean, Mandarin, Japanese, Icelandic, etc. will be able to built until later this year.


More people need to realize this!


And people need to realize, too, that all of this won't happen overnight. DuoLingo's management will first have to select from those who apply to determine who will be contributing to and directing the contents of each new course, so it will take some time before new courses are made available, even for the languages listed above.


Yep. And that is especially true for Icelandic.:P

I feel for the people who want to learn small languages via Duolingo.


But what about the Hackathon? I believe those will be added on the 9th :D


No implementation ETA was given for any of the Hackathon projects.



Very excited! Czech and Russian!


If anybody knows of any kind-hearted multi-lingual people, you should direct them to this site. I'll do the same if I find any. ;D


Yeah I'm very exited. I'm also very curious! Can't wait :D


czech for english or german speakers. yessss!


Swedish, Russian and Finnish please!!!


Irish! But also Latin- let's have the world speak it once more! SPQR


Latin would be cool


I'm excited for sure, are you? Haha. I have no clue what it'll look like (or even a smidgen of an idea I'm just excited, this will be the highlight of my week if not my month >.<) but I'm curious to see if we there will be lessons already in there when they release it (if people have been working on it or anything) or if it will still be a few weeks before there are lessons in there. What do you think? I hope to see Korean (or any Asian language), Ukrainian and more French lessons added first or soon after the release. What kinds of languages are you hoping for?


Klingon, Lapine, Sindarin, Quenya, and other fictional languages that you can actually learn. Not to mention Latin, Greek, Chinese, and Esperanto.

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