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Deleting a course

I added a course and now I want to delete it. I can't find out how, Can anyone help me? Its the Danish course from english - I thought I could use it to learn a grandchild english, and it doesn't work very well.

I am Danish and I learn italian from english. That's very fine.

June 21, 2015



If your duolingo is on a computer, hover your mouse to your profile picture, or V arrow. Click on "Settings", then "Learning Language" on the right. Under "see all language courses" it will say,"Reset or remove languages" in grey. Click on that and click "remove" on Danish. However if it is on a mobile device, I don't think that there is a way to clear it.


Thank you - it worked on the computer


You're welcome.


That seems to work if you have a language you've got some progress in and want to reset it. While randomly clicking around a couple days ago, I got into the English from Indonesian course (not sure how). Anyway, I did nothing but eventually figure how to get out of it, but not my main menu is From English or from Indonesian... and it doesn't show up in the Remove Language dialog. Any way to zap out of that?

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