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  5. "Одеса - велике місто."

"Одеса - велике місто."

Translation:Odesa is a big city.

June 21, 2015



In English we usually spell it Odessa, and Duolingo accepts this. According to the official transliteration, it should be spelled "Odesa". Shouldn't Duolingo accept that, too?


Yes, it should be accepted (because the right transliteration from Ukrainian is Odesa= Одеса, one s)


Both are accepted now

(but Kiev is not.... I am not thrilled about the consistency and the logic of the UkrDuo administrators...)


It's just that Odessa prefers two s's: http://goo.gl/QHHJuU


that's the russian spelling, and russian is the majority language there. whether a specifically ukrainian course should promote the ukrainian spelling of a city in the ukraine whose population mostly don't speak ukrainian... i've no idea! a tricky one to decide, but i'd have thought both should be acceptable


I'm confused because I just said Odessa (which is how it is listed on the English Google Maps: https://www.google.com.au/maps/place/Odessa,+Odessa+Oblast,+Ukraine/ ) and it wasn't accepted and I was told to say Odesa...


You are absolutely right. It was an oversight and has been corrected.


This is back to the Kyiv/Kiev debate. Odesa/Odessa. Regardless of the transliteration from Ukrainian, these cities do have English names. (Historically) they have always been "Odessa" and "Kiev" in English, not because of Russian transliteration. Just like Moscow is an English name, not a Russian transliteration from "Moskva." Same with Warsaw, not "Warszawa/Varshava," Prague not "Praha," etc. So "Kyiv" and "Odesa" means that Ukrainian is getting special treatment in English.


"large" and "big" mean the same


Both accepted now


Now DuoLingo is not accepting "Odessa" and showing "Odesa" as the correct answer. Can you get DL to accept both spellings ?


Both accepted now

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