"I am working at the moment."

Translation:Jeg arbejder i øjeblikket.

June 21, 2015

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Another translation is "jeg arbejder lige nu"


Help please on "om" and "i." We are saying "om et øjeblik" but "jeg arbejder i et øjeblik." It would seem just the reverse under the stated rules.


"om" = in, while "i" = at ?


how to differentiate this with ´i will work in a moment´?


That would be "Jeg arbejder om et øjeblik". Look out for the "om" words, that usually indicates that it's a future event.


I have the same question: why i øjeblikket, i april but om aftenen? They can all be replaced by ‘during’. After a year, you could hope for a reply.


"i øjeblikket" = at this moment/short period of time (not during!). Ex.: I'm usually doing that but at the moment (i øjeblikket) I'm doing this. "i april" = in april, during april /(through out april) or some time in april. Ex-: The grass starts to grow in april (in DK). "om aftenen" = on the evenings (repeatedly during the evenings) "i et øjeblik" = in a moment (in a short time). Ex.: I'll close my eyes and rest "et øjeblik" "om et øjeblik" = in a short while (futurum!) et øjeblik (øje+blik) = a blink of an eye (the amount of time it takes to have a short look/blink with an eye.)


NL: "...op het ogenblik"

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