"Bu ne tür bir taş?"

Translation:What kind of stone is this?

June 21, 2015

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I can't see the real use of "bir" here... would it be "this is a stone of what kind?", translated literally?


I think of it as "what kind of a stone".


Can it be "What is this kind of stone"?


I am not sure what that means even in English. But my guess would be "Bu tip (bir) taş nedir?"


"tip" is "type". "tür" seems to be a new word with the meaning " kind, genre, type"


Cant you use type of as well as kind of here???


English is not my native language. Can anybody tell me why "what kind is this stone" is not accepted?


English is not my native language too. But I think you have to say "What kind of stone is it/that" "What kind is this stone" is grammatically not correct. It is "kind of" "type of", "sort of". I am too always fighting with English präpositions.


Thank you very much. I'll keep that in my mind.


That's actually a different question with a slightly different meaning. I'm not sure it's grammatically incorrect (I'm a native English speaker). I suppose "Bu taş ne tür" or "Ne tür bu taş" (whichever is the best / correct order in Turkish, I'm not sure) would be the translation for what you propose.

On a grammar point, you're confusing the use of a demonstrative adjective vs a demonstrative pronoun. They're two different things. For the sentence "Bu ne tür bir taş", "bu" is a pronoun. You're using it as an adjective. Sabine, auf Deutsch gibt es "diese/dieser/dieses" als Demonstrativadjektive, sondern "dies/das" als Demonstrativpronomen. Es sind tatsächlich ganz verschiedene Sachen, nicht wahr? Stimmt auch auf Englisch.


'This is what type of stone?' was not accepted. Why?


Because WH questions in (standard written) English generally have to start with the WH word (or at least a phrase containing the WH word).

Thus, "What type of stone is this?".


Why there this != it ?


Ve type and kind?


"Bu ne tür bir taş?" Translation: What kind of stone is this?


What type of stone is this?

Correct other English answer accepted by Duo.


a complicated translation what kind is this stone

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