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  5. "Do you want toothpaste?"

"Do you want toothpaste?"

Translation:An dteastaíonn taos fiacla uait?

June 21, 2015



When do you use "teastaíonn" and when not? "Ta uisce uaim"means "I want water" so why do we have to add "dteastaíonn" here for the same meaning? I thought it meant "I need"


"Tá uisce uaim" has a verb in it (tá), whereas "an uisce uaim?" doesn't. It would be less like "Do I want water" and more like "Do water on me?" There has to be a verb included, so the correct thing to say would be "An BHFUIL uisce uaim?"


An bhfuil taos fiacla uait? marked wrong. Why please


Can you not say 'an bhfuil taos fiacla ag teastáil uait?' I would have sworn i learned it that way...


I'd say that's more 'Are you wanting/needing toothpaste?'. You can, however, say An taos fiacla uait or An bhfuil tú ag iarraidh taos fiacla, both of which would be used in Connemara, whereas the one above would mean 'need'.


I wrote "An bhfuil tú taos fiacla uait." What did I do wrong with this?


You don't need the ,as it is covered by the uait


Oh ok. Thank you!


"An taos fiacla uait" is wrong. Why?


Where is the verb in An taos fiacla uait??


Is "ba mhaith leat" not acceptable here for "do you want?" I always thought "ba mhaith le..." was interchangeable with "do you want" and "would you like".


Ba mhaith leat … means “You would like …”, and is only used for a statement, not for a question. Its interrogative form would be Ar mhaith leat … ?.

Although they express the same request, “Would you like … ?” and Ar mhaith leat … ? are more polite than “Do you want … ?” and An dteastaíonn … uait? are, and so aren’t completely interchangeable in all situations.


An taos fiacla uait is marked wrong


That's because it is wrong - you don't have a verb.

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