"She is a woman."

Translation:Hun er en kvinne.

June 21, 2015



Why is it not 'ei kvinne' instead of 'en kvinne'?


'Ei kvinne' is also correct.


So you can use both!


'Ei' is a more feminine word 'En' is a more masculine word 'Et' is the most gender neutral, although 'En' seems to be the same


In bokmål every feminine noun can be used as a masculine noun (but not the other way round!).So "en kvinne" and "ei kvinne" are both correct, however "ei mann" is wrong, it has to be "en mann".


Norwegian is so heavy metal. I feel like im really going to enjoy this tree n.n


Burzum, Immortal, Darkthrone


I think "she is my hun" Which helps me remember 'she'.


Nynorsk - Ho er ei kvinne.
Bokmål - Hun er en/ei kvinne.


I remember en for a because a is the same as an, and en sounds like an. En = A = An.


It corrected me with the word "dame" instead of "kvinne"...

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    The usage of en/ei dame vs. en/ei kvinne depends on the dialect and, subsequently, your location within Norway.

    Both words translate to "a woman" while the former can also be translated as "a lady".

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      Why can it be en or ei? Confused.

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        Nouns of feminine gender (kvinne, f) can take the masculine indefinite article en as well. Both ei kvinne and en kvinne are correct but the latter is more common. The usage also depends on your location within Norway.

        Refer back to tips for more information.


        So 'ei' and 'en' are both acceptable, but is there a specific reason you would choose one over the other?


        If you are writing Nynorsk, you have to use "ei" for feminine words. If you are in Bergen, you have to use "en" for feminine words (AFAIK Bergen dialect got rid of "ei"). Other than that, choose one and stick to it, ie do not use "ei kvinne" in the one sentence and then "en kvinne" in the next.


        Is " hun er kuinnen " coorect in this situation ?


        No, "a woman" translates to "en kvinne" (indefinite singular).

        "Kvinnen" (spelling) is the translation of "the woman" (definite singular).

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