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  5. "Посуд на полиці."

"Посуд на полиці."

Translation:The dishes are on a shelf.

June 21, 2015



"a" is any, nonspecific. "the" is specific. So, as there are no articles in the Ukrainian language, how do I know how to translate something that is not there?


You can translate it to either "the" or "a" depending on the context. Just a sentence on its own does not provide enough information to stick to either of the translations, so you can choose both.


If only it were so easy. I do agree with you, without context it is impossible. So both should be correct. DL only accepts one and not the other as correct.


Yes, both should be correct, report it!

(I will if I stumble upon it)


Already done did do that. :)


I agree with the chain. I wrote "Dishes are on the shelf" and it was marked wrong. Please correct this!

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