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  5. "The teacher eats."

"The teacher eats."

Translation:Der Lehrer isst.

December 28, 2012



Question about esse vs isst. Why is it isst in this case? Would it be esse if I am eating? and isst if he/she/it/you/ is eating?


Correct - ich esse (I eat) and er/sie/es isst (he/she/it eats) :)


In the previous sessions, I never wrote "the" before a word, I just wrote its English version and passed, it was correct. The problem is, looks like there is a difference between Der Lehrer and Die Lehrer. The website should teach this, because my mind worked like this while I translate : "If I can write woman and continue, I can also write teacher and continue" but since the two are different things, learner should add it to the translation.


"Der Lehrer" is singular (The teacher). "Die Lehrer" is plural (The teachers).


Buddy, the website tell us the difference between Der/Die Lehrer. Try looking into Tips and Notes on the upper-right side and also in comments after you check any answer. That'll help you a lot.


I clicked Der Lehrer isst and it came back as incorrect and said the correct answer is Der Lehrer????


Why only "Der Lehrer isst" is correct, but "Der Mann isst" isn't?


Der Lehrer Isst is the teacher eats. Der Mann isst is the man eats.


Why can't I write Die Lehrerin isst?


Die Lehrerin is the feminine form of the teacher. And for the record, Die, in this case, means also the SINGULAR and PLURAL form of the verb Lehrerin, relying on the context to check if it's one or more (female) teachers.

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