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Since there are so many suggestions floating around, most of them buried deep inside dozens of different discussions, I think it'd be useful to add a "Suggestions" tab in addition to the ones that are already along the top. The tab would be a dedicated list of suggestions, one to each entry, and users could up/downvote each one and see its status (e.g. "under consideration", "under development", etc). This might reduce a lot of clutter in the discussions section, as well.

October 7, 2013



I posted something very similar a while ago.... http://www.duolingo.com/comment/822681


... thereby illustrating the need for such a solution. So meta :)


yup :) it's much needed

[deactivated user]

    Like Khan Academy!


    Recording does not work properly, does not record anything and my mic works in windows


    Make sure you check your flash settings by right-clicking on the recording area.

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