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Postcard Collecting!

This is an idea I posted about briefly on another discussion, but I thought I'd make it more formal by making it's own discussion, plus I'd love to hear what you all think of it. :)

So now that we have the official currency of Duolingo, Lingots, I was thinking perhaps instead of being able to just buy boosters to help with your lessons (which are awesome by the way) the store could begin offering something a bit more "fun", something to collect.

The idea I came up with was virtual postcards featuring famous places and landmarks from around the world. Perhaps they could be region specific depending on what language you're learning, or maybe not. But I think having users learn about the places whose language they're studying would really add a layer of depth to the whole learning process, plus it would be really cool to see your collection of postcards grow as you "visited" more places.

Any thoughts? :)

October 7, 2013



I think it might be even cooler to earn some sort of unique badge when you finish a lesson, sort of like a postcard. Something cool that you could put on you're profile.


Or maybe for each skill you learn, because lessons are too frequent.


Sorry, thats what I meant :)


I think you have a awesome idea there! :) Like you say, you get a deeper insight in the language you are learning by getting to know famous places and landmarks in the specific areas where the language are spoken. I hope the function will come! (Did you hear that Duolingo creators/developers ?!) :)


a perfect idea, the users can also get geography knowledge.

[deactivated user]

    Great idea!


    The postcard idea is cool, but I like Boboonski's idea. A badge to put on your profile page would be a nice way to "show off"!


    I think it sounds like a great idea, but I'd rather not have the postcards restricted to areas that speak the language(s) you are learning. The languages I am interested in are only spoken natively in 1-2 countries.


    It's a good motivator to learn more languages!


    Na, I only plan to learn 2 foreign languages. Korean is 1 of em, but that alone will take many years to learn.

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